At Residential Engineering, we offer a range of surveying services to complement our engineering and inspection services, allowing the builder a seamless service within the one engineering consultancy from start to finish.

Our surveying team has extensive experience in survey support services relating to land use, its management and development. We utilise a number of spatial information support software packages, which allows data to be exported in formats compatible with commonly adopted drawing packages. Our services include:

  • Contour, Construction and Boundary surveys
  • Feature surveys to provide site levels
  • Work As Executed Survey
  • 3D Surveys
  • Title and land searching


Do I need a land survey?

If you are obtaining a building permit to undertake a new build (e.g. new home, extension, shed, gazebo, etc.), you might require a land survey. It is also useful to undertake a land survey when buying a new piece of property to ensure the boundaries are correct. Land surveys are needed to establish legal boundaries and to determine land levels/features, they can also be used when subdividing a property.

What’s the difference between a Land Surveyor and a Building Surveyor?

A Land Surveyor focuses on the layout of the site and provides accurate information on the sites boundaries, easements and anything else that can affect the build. Whereas, a Building Surveyor handles the legal side of everything – they ensure that all permits and approvals are in place before the building process begins.

What is a Work As Executed Survey?

A survey that occurs at the completion of civil and hydraulics work. It is important to confirm dimensions and reduced levels of driveways, roads, stormwater systems, etc. in comparison to the approved plans and designs.

What is a Feature Survey?

A Feature Survey shows points of equal elevation above a given level, which shows dips, peaks and steepness of the slope. Using different forms of technology our surveyors provide the most accurate contour levels of your property.

Can I conduct a survey on my own property?

Legally, only a licensed surveyor is permitted to sign off cadastral surveys. If someone were to “DIY” this work then it would be likely that the work being completed would not be done accurately and could not be done without the right tools and experience.  The client would be liable for any consequences of this, such as major discrepancies in the final product, costly errors, and legal issues.

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