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40 Years of experience

Residential Engineering has been helping clients design and break ground on their homes for over 40 years, offering a full range of professional services for residential projects.


Since our humble beginnings, we have grown from a small one-man business in Sydney to completing all types of projects across NSW, ensuring every home and project is crafted with the client focus in mind.


We offer a range of professional services, including geotechnical services, energy assessments, surveying, drafting and engineering. Our team strives to work with innovation and precision to provide the BEST for our clients.


Our clients include exclusive builders, homeowners, contractors and developers, property managers, architects, government bodies and construction, and resource companies.


Our team of professionals have a wealth of collective knowledge and experience, providing clients with a broad range of engineering services tailored for the project home market.


We positively contribute back to our client’s bottom line by supplying sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective engineering services, with constructability and costs taken into key consideration.


Whatever your project, we have the expertise and skill to make it a success, with affordability and constructability always in mind.

We have successfully completed a broad and diverse range of projects from residential properties, townhouses, and aged care facilities through to multi-level commercial, residential and industrial projects.


Our team at Residential Engineering commits the same focus and level of detail to every job we receive, whether it be small or large. Utilising our collective experience, we are able to ensure that every job delivered is of high quality, and offers sustainable, durable, and economic engineering solutions.


Time and time again we have successfully completed a broad and varied range of projects from residential properties, townhouses, and aged care facilities through to multi-level residential projects and unique bespoke designs.


We understand that each of our clients has different needs — that’s why we pride ourselves on building strong client relationships to ensure their every need is always met.


We believe in providing ongoing support to our clients and encourage our employees to go the extra mile, ensuring we deliver a consistent high-quality service. Quality reviews of our work are undertaken regularly to ensure that as a company, we are meeting our clients’ requirements. Whilst all projects are reviewed before completion, selected projects are also reviewed after completion to maximise our knowledge and efficiency.


Our people are our greatest asset. We invest in creating a culture that nurtures development, and awards both professional and personal achievements.

Our VAlues

All our designs are carefully crafted for the best outcomes for each project and meet every client’s unique wants and needs.

Bespoke Design

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so at Residential Engineering we tailor our solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Economical Solutions

With over 40 years of experience, we have perfected our craft and are able to provide tailored solutions to meet our clients’ budgets.

Service Oriented

We are focused on providing excellent service, with our clients at the forefront of everything we do

Team Environment

We strive to make our team feel supported and celebrated. As a result, we found that our employees’ happiness leads to increased productivity and quality outputs.