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Cathedral Roof Design, Woodhill NSW

This complex job was for an old client of ours who retired and was building his own home to live in. Being a builder himself he had extremely high expectations, for this reason, he chose Residential Engineering for the job.


The task at hand was to design a cathedral ceiling that matched the feel of the new home, whilst still being suitable for the very specific stability requirements.


Design constraints included slope instability, highly reactive soils and a custom cathedral roof design including an integrated cantilevered alfresco roof. An additional challenge for the roof design was designing against N3 wind loads. The trusses were also designed in a certain way to not obscure the view from the grand windows. The results were impressive as the trusses ticked off all the boxes for the client, and served their purpose without taking away from the feel of the home.

Services Provided

Structural Engineering, Structural Inspection, Geotechnical Engineering