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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

The ever-evolving situation that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is presenting does certainly bring about some uncertainty across our shared industry and communities, however we at Residential Engineering are working hard to maintain a business as usual model.

We are here. We are working.

We have long-held a broad approach to how we produce and deliver our work to our clients and we have every confidence that COVID-9 will have minimal impact on this process. Part of our flexibility involves having our team work from home and from external satellite offices, which is already working very well and we hope that you have thus far experienced very little difference in our service to you. We will continue to monitor and scrutinise our processes closely in the coming weeks to ensure there are no gaps and we are proud that we have been able to make this transition, in order to do our part in reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19.

I also invite you to view our website where we have issued a statement in relation to Residential Engineering representatives who go to site, so your clients can have confidence that we have sound practices and processes already in place to ensure our responsibility to everyone.

Quarantine Strategy

Should we encounter an enforced quarantine period, all of our team will be immediately working from home.

We ask for your patience if we are collectively moved into this space, as our deliverables may take a little longer with the natural delay in communications that not being in the office may bring about between our businesses. That said, with having tested the work from model at Residential Engineering already, we do not anticipate any major obstacles.

Our Message to You

While we will continue to monitor the situation and heed the advice from authorities, our biggest concern is not about producing the work but in supporting our people, your people and our communities.

We will all likely feel the reach of COVID-19 for at least the next few months and while this extraordinary turn of events has now given us “social distancing”, it also provides us the opportunity to connect, not just in our capacity as your engineer, but also, quite simply, as people.

If we make any significant changes to what we are doing here at Residential Engineering, then we will suitably notify you but otherwise, it is business as usual for us. It would be appreciated if you could circulate this email on my behalf to your colleagues where appropriate.

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