The Residential Engineering energy team provides a clear, concise and simplified approach to achieving BASIX compliance for all dwellings in NSW and 6-star NatHERS compliance for the remainder of Australia.

An Energy Assessment Report describes the home’s ability to make the most of the environment, by assessing the home’s requirements to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter naturally. Houses with good thermal performance need less artificial heating and cooling, leading to savings on bills and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. The key to achieving a comfortable, high performing home is to design for your climate.

In NSW, BASIX has set sustainability goals concerning water and energy, and minimum performance requirements regarding each proposed development’s capacity to provide thermal comfort to residents. We will choose the right thermal performance pathway for your project and help guide you through selections for Water & Energy inclusion to ensure these BASIX targets are met and compliance is achieved.

Our specialist team has experience with every type of dwelling, covering all types of construction and can provide you with the information you need to help you make the right decision on your project.


Do I need an Energy Assessment?

An Energy Efficiency Assessment is required for all new residential and commercial buildings and alterations & additions to meet current BCA requirements to obtain building license approval.

How much does an Energy Assessment cost?

In NSW, an energy assessment for a typical home costs around $500 but can vary depending on the size and complexity of the job.

What is the minimum star rating that I need?

In most states and territories, a 6-star energy rating out of 10 is the minimum standard. This means that adequate thermal performance is mandatory for buildings.

What if my building does not comply?

Our team of experienced energy assessors can help you find alternative designs and construction types that will allow your building to achieve non-restrictive solutions for compliance.

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