There are many stages in the home construction process, and our team at Residential Engineering is certified to ensure that each home is being constructed structurally correct at various stages during construction.

The common goal in all parties in home construction is to make sure that the home is built safely and in accordance with Australian Standards and the NCC, ensuring you have a beautiful, completed home with no structural issues now or later down the line.

Residential Engineering has a renowned reputation for consistently high-quality work, and our experience guarantees that the results you receive will have been done by our team of professionals. With numerous site engineers attending inspections daily, all projects we are working on receive inspections at every stage of construction.

The main types of inspections we carry out include:
• Pier inspections
• Slab inspections
• Structural steel inspections
• Prepurchase property inspections

Ensure peace of mind that your home has been inspected every step of the way – contact Residential Engineering today!