Residential Engineering

Buddha Statue, Wallacia NSW

Buddha Statue, Wallacia NSW

Location: Wallacia NSW
Services: Structural Engineering, Structural Inspections, Geotechnical Assessment
Stage: Ongoing/In Construction

Certainly, one of our more interesting and complex projects, Residential Engineering were awarded the structural design of the Buddhist statue platform, a worship platform and the associated retaining walls.

With a 180-tonne statue being positioned on a sloped site, there was a lot to accommodate for in this design. To achieve the greatest visual impact, the statue was purposely positioned on a slope resulting in the use of terraced gravity walls constructed from beautiful sandstone blocks. The statue is positioned on a trapezoid shaped viewing platform, amplifying the structure’s presence and providing maximum worship space for the local Buddhist community.

Residential Engineering provided the Geotechnical Assessment for the site, whilst providing numerous Structural Inspections in every continuing stage of construction to ensure our Structural Design was accurately translated into construction. We accommodated for the client’s changing vision of the project by making continual amendments to the statue design throughout the duration of its construction.

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